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Our Special Offerings

Rs.480 Rs.400 Rupees
Available: 10 Already Sold: 2
Rs.180 Rs.140 Rupees
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Himalayan Munsyari Oval Kidney Beans

Rs.480 Rs.400 Rupees

Rice Himalayan Red

Rs.180 Rs.140 Rupees

Our Special Offerings

Rs.480 Rs.400 Rupees
Available: 10 Already Sold: 2
Rs.180 Rs.140 Rupees
Available: 121 Already Sold: 49

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Himalayan Badri Cow Ghee Rs.640 Rs.600 Rupees
Saptata Seven Grain Flour Rs.140 Rs.120 Rupees
Yellow Chili Powdered Rs.400 Rs.380 Rupees
Red Chili Whole Rs.140 Rs.130 Rupees
Fenugreek (Mainthi) Rs.300 Rs.260 Rupees
Mountain Mustard Black Rs.260 Rs.220 Rupees
Hemp Seed Rs.260 Rs.220 Rupees
Flaxseed/ Linseed Rs.320 Rs.280 Rupees
Barnyard Millet Rs.320 Rs.280 Rupees
Soya bean black round Rs.340 Rs.300 Rupees
Lentil Vigna aconitifolia Rs.400 Rs.340 Rupees
Ramgarh Dark Speckled Kidney Beans Rs.360 Rs.320 Rupees
Hyacinth Bean Red Rs.340 Rs.300 Rupees
Himalayan Horse Gram Black Rs.360 Rs.300 Rupees
Brown Lentil Masoor Rs.400 Rs.360 Rupees
Black eyed pea white Rs.280 Rs.220 Rupees
Honey Forest Rs.300 Rs.270 Rupees
White Musali Rs.650 Rs.600 Rupees
Stinging Nettle Rs.280 Rs.250 Rupees
Sichuan Pepper Rs.260 Rs.220 Rupees
Himalayan Holy Basil Herb Rs.380 Rs.320 Rupees
Asparagus aka Shatavari Rs.520 Rs.450 Rupees
Himalayan Brown Rice Rs.140 Rs.100 Rupees
Finger Millet Flour Rs.140 Rs.100 Rupees
Black Gram Fine Whole Urad Daal Rs.340 Rs.290 Rupees
Rice Himalayan Red Rs.180 Rs.140 Rupees
Himalayan Horse Gram Brown Rs.380 Rs.320 Rupees
Himalayan Mountain Honey Rs.540 Rs.500 Rupees

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Our Team

Gandharva Gopal Joshi


Tribhuwan Joshi

Economic Advisor

Tribhuwan’s life is an example of devotion and total service. He is an Economic Advisor to Himalayan Made in its pursuit to building a Socio-economic model for the Himalayan region for sustainable development and growth; his focus is to optimally utilize the local resources to creating a healthy production and consumption chain resulting to reversing the migration.

Bhuwan Joshi


Harish Rawat

Operation Manager

Our Core Principles

Our label has been created as a means to support remote farmers sustain and develop their cultivation of ancestral seeds and heirloom foods specific to the ecology of the Himalayan region.

Our vision is to directly assist in the restoration and maintenance of precarious communities and ecologies, viz. our primary producers: the traditional farmers of the Himalayas, the authentic custodians of this region. Our brand is informed by a replicable, socio-economic model based on the primacy of service (anterior to short-term profits). This ethic of care goes hand in hand with the promotion of healthy, chemical-free, natural foods under threat from industrialised farming (agri-business).

We work directly with dispersed isolated mountain communities, both in restoring and innovating environmentally conscientious practices, implements and methods, whilst also discovering new uses for over-looked varieties of wild, nutrient rich, local flora, and effectively creating novel product lines in the process. These relationships are all time- and labour- intensive, and make up the foundational base or communitarian ethos of what eventually ends up on our shelves or in our catalogue.

Customer Reviews

Himalayan Made is our family's first choice for healthy food products. Ever since we got our first shipment from them, we're touched by their products, service, and the eye for details.
Rachna Purohit
House Maker
In this World full of suppliers, its hard to believe who offers quality and who may adulterate the products to lower down the costs. We're so thankful that we have found out HImalayan Made which takes away our such anxiety. For about 2 years, we've been regularly buying from them, and we're amazed that they always deliver better than last.
Sachin Parashar
IT Manager
If I can count on people who're making real change at the grass root level, Himalayan Made comes in my mind first. They've been truly working with farmers on the ground for more than 6 years, and their level of commitment to bring change in the lives of those Farmers is invaluable.
Proft. Dipankar Mishra

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